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Westmill Windfarm Co-operative Limited

Westmill Windfarm Co-operative

Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative Limited was established in 2004 to build and operate a community-owned wind farm at Westmill Farm in Oxfordshire. It was the first 100% community owned onshore wind farm to be built in the south of England. Its five turbines came online in 2008 and produce low-carbon electricity equivalent to that used by over 2,500 households per annum. The wind farm is intended to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels by giving all concerned with the effects of climate change the opportunity to become involved in the ownership and operation of a wind farm. Today, Westmill Windfarm Co-op has over 2,000 members.

Moreover, Westmill Wind Farm promotes energy conservation within the local community, and provides education on climate change issues.

The share launch and project development is managed by Energy4All who provides support for co-operative windfarm projects in the UK.

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