is delighted to welcome five new members to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector. Below you can find an overview of our new members.

EnVerde - Cooperativa Extremeña de Energía

EnVerde is a new energy cooperative from Extremadura, Spain, that aims to bring people in Extremadura together to consume 100% renewable energy. Thanks to a collaboration with member Goiener, EnVerde is already supplying renewable energy to its members. In the future, they plan to build their own production installations.

EnVerde was created by a group of citizens interested in an energy transition based on environmental protection, social justice and territorial equity. With their activities, they hope to offer a service with fair energy prices, where energy speculation is out of the question, contribute to the development of the region, and create quality jobs.

The cooperative is also offering community energy consultancy services to foster the creation of the energy communities in Extremadura.

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Solidarity Economy Center

Solidarity Economy Center -Szolidáris Gazdaság Központ in Hungarian- is an organisation based in Budapest that supports projects that work along the principles of the social solidarity economy. It was founded in 2018 by several Hungarian cooperatives and social enterprises that got together to build a network of mutual help.

The main objective of Solidarity Economy Center is to build a solidarity economic ecosystem that instead of exploiting the many and generating profits for the few, serves the community and the regeneration of human life and nature. In the area of energy, they aim to develop a decentralised renewable energy generation model owned by local communities or solidarity economy enterprises. Currently, they have started to produce energy in a 30 kWh PV installation.

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KarKarCar is a cooperative from Pamplona, Spain, that offers mobility services to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable mobility. Based on the idea that owning an individual car is an expired model because they pollute, are rarely used, and take up a lot of public space, KarKarCar is committed to a mobility with shared vehicles and journeys, connecting people and communities at the same time.

The cooperative, which was created not long ago, will present its first shared electric car in the upcoming days.

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Clean Power Europe

Clean Power Europe SCE is a European cooperative society based in Brussels that aims to secure a sustainable future for the generations to come by funding sustainable projects. They finance projects on renewable energy, but also in areas such as education, agriculture, engineering, water management, art and culture.

Although most of their activities are Europe-wide, they also plan to work on sustainable projects with local associations and enterprises beyond Europe.

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Walton Institute

Walton Institute is a cornerstone of ICT research and development activity in Ireland since 1996. Their main objective is to investigate futuristic next-generation technologies, to verify their capabilities and applicability for today’s society, and to work in collaboration with industry to ensure their commercialisation.

Walton Institute has been involved in the Interreg NWE RegEnergy project focusing on the development of smart grids in Ireland.

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