is delighted to welcome a new member to her network, our member number 100! We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector.

With 100 members, represents more than 1,900 energy cooperatives from 22 different countries in Europe and their 1.25 million citizens. helps them make their voices heard in the European energy debate and empowers them to take up an active role in the energy landscape. Together with our large network, we promote a decentralised approach to the energy transition, one that gives the means to people across Europe to produce and consume their own energy and invest together in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other clean energy technologies. membership

People Powered Retrofit

People Powered Retrofit, our member number 100, is a non-profit Manchester-based organisation that helps local householders retrofit their properties in every step of the way. They offer clear, independent advice and support to help citizens plan, procure and deliver their retrofit projects to a high standard.

Retrofit does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Some people need help with one part of the process, but manage another part themselves. Other householders want support with the whole project. Thus, People Powered Retrofit offers a range of pick-and-mix services. The range of services includes the design of a retrofit project, procuring contractors, advising on contracts, monitoring quality assurance...

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Moreover, they support professionals, businesses, community organisations, and educational providers by offering training led by industry professionals.

People Powered Retrofit was established by member Carbon Co-op and design and research cooperative URBED with support from the government of the United Kingdom.

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