is delighted to welcome six new members to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector. Below you can find an overview of our new members.

Energía Bonita

Energía Bonita is a recently created energy community from La Palma, Spain. The objective of the cooperative, born out of the Clean Energy for EU Islands project, is to produce and consume renewable energy managed and controlled by local citizens. Right now they are 11 members, but they plan to expand their membership to more citizens, SMEs and local administrations in the upcoming months.

Their first project is the installation of a 100 kW solar power plant that will provide energy to neighbours of the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces. Once they have completed this project, they hope to continue building solar parks in the 14 municipalities of the islands. In the long run, they also want to get involved in other types of generation, flexibility and storage markets.

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Collective Energy Cooperative

Collective Energy Cooperative (COEN) is a citizen energy cooperative created in Athens at the beginning of 2020. For its members, this initiative is a means of exploring collective paths to transform the existing energy model through social, environmental, economic and political reforms. Together they aim to produce clean energy for their members, research new technologies and operational and organisational models of energy generation, cooperate with like-minded citizens and organisations, and share their knowledge with whoever needs it.

Their first project is a solar power plant that will operate under a virtual net metering scheme - a collective self-consumption model in which members get a reduction on the energy bill based on the energy produced and the number of shares they have. The cooperative has already raised all the necessary funds to build it and they are now working on the license for the installation.


Energy Cooperative WEnCoop

WEnCoop is an energy cooperative created by the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs in 2021. The 60 funding members, all female entrepreneurs working in different sectors, aim to promote energy innovation; tackle energy poverty; produce, store, consume, distribute and supply clean energy; and improve energy efficiency at a local and regional level. Moreover, they hope to reduce the cost of their businesses thanks to the energy produced by the cooperative.

Their first project, currently under development, is the installation of a 1MW solar power plant.

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Netzwerk Energiewende Jetzt e.V.

Netzwerk Energiewende Jetzt e.V. is a German association based in Leimen that coaches energy cooperatives in taking the energy supply into their own hands. Since 2019 they have supported over 20 citizen energy communities and they are currently helping some others.

Their activities include the organisation of workshops and conferences for energy cooperatives, a four-month training for project developers, an annual networking event, and a catalogue of business models.

Energiewende is a founding organisation of Bündnis Bürgerenergie eV (BBEn) and they are actively involved in the work of the alliance.

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Netzwerk Energiewende Jetzt web is a Hungarian service provider that supports the development and operation of energy communities thanks to their energy sharing, trading and accountancy solutions. Energy communities working with can benefit from their energy sharing system, a fully automated energy metering and accountancy system, and an app called EcoBox that makes these activities easier and hassle-free. aims to build a climate-neutral energy network together with its clients.

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Arteria Technologies

Arteria Technologies is an Austrian company that offers energy communities software for planning and optimising decentralized energy systems. Their solutions cover smart city planning, district heating and cooling systems, district heating optimisation, and digital twins for decentralized energy systems.

Their main tool is a platform that allows more efficiency in the planning and operation of heating networks, allowing an efficiency increase of up to 15% and the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to a better grid control.

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