is delighted to welcome some new members to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector. Below you can find an overview of our new members.

Westmill Solar Cooperative

Westmill Solar was the UK’s first cooperatively run community owned solar farm. The site is on an organic farm in Oxfordshire which it also shares with the Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative. The solar park covers 30 acres and comprises around 20,000 panels generating approximately 5GWh/year.

The solar cooperative has over 1,600 members, who have agreed to donate around £80,000 a year to various sustainable causes. Local funding is directed to the WeSET educational charity which has shown over 10,000 visitors to the site. Westmill Solar also supports the Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub, Community Energy England (of which it was a founder member) and Renewable World (which installs renewables across the developing world) and is developing a community grants programme.

Westmill web

Under UK energy supply regulations, Westmill Solar is not allowed to sell its electricity direct to its members; instead it has a PPA with Cooperative Energy (part of MidCounties Co-operative), and Westmill Solar members have been encouraged to buy “their” electricity from that cooperative.

The board is both active and committed to cooperative principles. Annual meetings are well attended. In 2019 the cooperative refinanced £1m of its loan funding to allow more local people to become members.

Energy Revolt s.c.

Energy Revolt is an energy cooperative, founded in 2015, that develops sustainable energy projects in Luxembourg. Everybody who believes in a decentralised energy transition is allowed to join the cooperative. Energy revolts aims for:

  • promoting renewable energy in the region
  • contributing to the local production of clean energy
  • democratising energy production and moving towards energy independence
  • creating economic, social and financial added value for the local community
  • fighting against climate change
  • being part of the ecological transition