is delighted to welcome two new associate members to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector. Below you can find an overview of our new members.

Ae3R Ploiesti-Prahova

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency Ploiesti-Prahova, also called Ae3R Ploiesti-Prahova, is a Romanian non-profit agency that promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, with a special focus on the possibilities offered by new technologies. To achieve their objective, they carry out a wide variety of activities, such as:

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  • Defining and developing long-term energy strategies for Ploiesti municipality and Prahova county.
  • Developing energy policies for public authorities and private companies.
  • Starting and supporting research projects on energy efficiency and renewables energies.
  • Initiating energy communities to tackle climate change and energy poverty.
  • Carrying out energy audits and energy performance certificates.
  • Fostering partnerships between different organisations, such a local and regional governments, universities, economic actors, employers organisations…
  • Launching information campaigns and education actions to promote energy efficiency.

Currently, they are also involved in the European project Coalescce, an initiative that helps community energy projects get off the ground.

izgrei BG

izgrei BG is a Bulgarian start-up that has establish a cooperative to create the first energy community in the country. They have just started the project, but they expect to welcome new cooperative members in the upcoming months. Their first renewable energy production installation is already planned and they will start it in the near future, when more people have joined the cooperative. They are also interested in participating in European projects about renewable energy.

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