is delighted to welcome two new members to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector. Below you can find an overview of our new members.

Les 7 Vents

Les 7 Vents is a cooperative from Coutances, France, specialized in engineering, consultancy and production of renewable energy. Since it was created in 1998, Les 7 Vents has provided advise on energy transition projects and sustainable lifestyle to more than 200 communities and companies.

The main activities of the cooperative are divided in three areas:

  • Energy advise and information. Since 2002, Les 7 Vents is the Espace FAIRE/Info-Énergie of the Manche department, which is a public, free and independent service that provides advise and guidance to individuals aiming to improve their buildings. The main areas of advice are insulation, heating, energy production, energy saving, and financing.
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  • Building and renewable energy studies. The team offers engineering and consulting services to design and implement sustainable buildings projects. They also offer support for renewable energy production projects.
  • Innovation and European projects. Les 7 Vents is regularly involved in European cooperation projects to provide innovative solutions to communities and local actors. The projects cover areas such as new techniques for energy management and production, new materials, new models for the energy transition… Moreover, they are involved in local projects for citizen reappropriation of the energy production.

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Cleanwatts is a Portuguese clean technology company that provides solutions for smart energy communities and other clients in the commercial and industrial sector with the aim of amplifying and accelerating energy decarbonization in the world.

Their services include energy efficiency, energy management (VPP) and local renewable solutions, being the core of their business a suite of advanced energy management software platforms. These tools allow their clients to monitor, manage, optimize and control their energy needs from consumption to generation and storage, and from peer-to-peer trading to flexibility and the reduction of system imbalances.

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Moreover, they promote and implement energy communities in Portugal with a positive social impact. For example, through the project Cem Aldeias they aim to train unemployed people in 100 small villages in the country to become energy consultants.

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