REVOLVE magazine, an award-winning quarterly publication about sustainability, has launched a photo contest to choose the cover picture of its next issue, which will be about energy. has been invited to submit an entry with a few pictures from its cooperative members. Do you want to send a photo of your cooperative? Find the instructions to do it below.

The cover picture contest

REVOLVE is a quarterly magazine published online and on paper that inspires climate action and helps people stay informed on the defining topics of water, energy, mobility, ecosystems and the circular economy. Its summer 2021 issue will cover the topic of energy and they are looking for an evocative image showing how energy actors contribute to decarbonizing Europe to illustrate the cover page.

Having a picture of a citizen energy cooperative on the cover will show the human and democratic dimension of the energy transition!


REVOLVE will post all submitted pictures on a special page on its website and everyone will be able to vote throughout the month of May. The picture with more votes will be selected for the cover of the magazine.

All the images submitted, no matter the number of votes they get, will be published online in a photo essay section of the magazine called VIEWS. The most voted ones will be included in the paper version too. Thus, participating in the contest already guarantees visibility for your citizen energy cooperative.

How to participate

  1. If you want to participate in the cover photo contest, send your image to Sara Tachelet (, including a full caption in a Word file. The caption should specify respond to the questions what/where/when/why and the source (who took the photo). The deadline for submissions is 28 April 2021.
    You can submit a horizontal or vertical image, but the winning photo will be cropped to fit the square format of the cover images (185 x 185mm or 2.185 x 2.185px) – think about the possible square cut when selecting your image. Based on this information, the minimum dimension of the photo is 2.185px on its shorter side.
  2. The team will do a first shortlist of the pictures to be submitted from our side and we will communicate all involved REScoops the result of the selection process.
  3. The selected pictures will be published on the REVOLVE website for people to vote at the beginning of May. We will encourage all members to vote for the pictures submitted by the federation.
  4. The image with the most votes will be the cover image of the summer issue of REVOLVE Magazine.

Intellectual property rights

By submitting your images to the contest you relinquish any copyrights or intellectual property. REVOLVE does not sell the individual images, but subscribers who purchase REVOLVE Magazine obviously get the images included in the respective issue.

REVOLVE uses Creative Commons License 4.0 for Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) for the materials it produces, which permits others to adapt and share its content. Thus, submitting a photo to the contest implies that anyone will be able to use your picture for non-commercial purposes from then onwards.

There is no financial retribution towards contributors of images.

Want to get your article featured in REVOLVE magazine?

REVOLVE also accepts opinions/editorials, longer feature articles, or insightful interviews on the topic to be published on the energy section of the website. The best articles will be published on the printed version too. If you are interested in submitting an article, please, get in touch with Sara Tachelet ( for further information on the submitting process and contribution guidelines. Please, note that contributions are not paid and they will be published with a Creative Commons License 4.0 for Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).