Everyone has been saying this for many years: if we want to stop climate change, we need all hands on deck. Energy communities - where citizens organise themselves to collectively set-up clean energy projects - might just be the secret ingredient needed to tip the scale.

These hard-working small enterprises bring clean energy to their territories. What makes them different from most big players: the local citizens are not just consumers, they own the power installations. They have invested their own money and their time to deliver clean energy, energy efficiency, clean mobility projects and more. The returns from these projects are very often used to improve the wellbeing of the whole community – and they create local employment. Decisions are made in a “one member – one vote” principle, thus ensuring fair and democratic representation of their citizens.

The potential of energy communities is enormous. Looking at the EU alone, it is estimated that by 2050, 50% of Europe’s citizens could own half of the renewable energy installations in the entire region. In order to reach this full potential, energy communities look to build partnerships with their local governments or with other businesses that want to support the clean energy transition.

Private businesses have the opportunity to step in and help break down the barriers to speed up a promising future of distributed, secure, and clean energy. Thus, Patagonia has launched a guidebook with expertise on how private businesses can support the expansion of community renewable energy projects in a time of crisis in terms of climate and energy.

For a cleaner and more secure energy future, step-by-step explanations are given to reach the full potential for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, making a profitable investment or promoting a proven climate solution. Examples of companies across Europe that already do this work are offered to see how it has positively impacted their local communities.

Get inspired by this guide that promises to make the transition through new energy systems smooth and secure. Now is the ideal time to join forces with community energy!

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