Yesterday, at a rooftop event organised by Solar Power Europe, we joined the relaunch of the #Yesto45RES campaign. Coordinated by Solar Power Europe and along with 10 other associations, this campaign calls for a minimum 45% renewables target in Europe for 2030.

Accelerated renewable deployment is critical to our independence from Russian fossil energy and will protect our citizens and economies from rapidly rising energy prices.

We must act now to speed up the renewable energy transition. Securing a European-wide 45% renewable energy target for 2030 – or higher – in REDIII negotiations is paramount to ensure that European citizens and businesses have access to clean, secure, and
affordable energy.

Our president Dirk Vansintjan signs the Yesto45RES banner


A 45% target will bring energy generation closer to citizens. Every step away from fossil energy will help Europeans regain control over their energy bills. Moreover, renewable energy value chains will underpin a just transition, with local, future-proof jobs. By 2050, the
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) forecasts a minimum of 43 million jobs in renewable energy, globally.


This is a key moment to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy in key sectors and reinforce the continent’s energy resilience. Crucially, the 45% target has been proposed by the European Commission as part of the REPowerEU war response to alleviate Europe’s
dependency on Russian gas. To back away from the 45% goal now would undermine European solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance.


Europe’s renewable energy future will be built on globally diversified supply chains, strong domestic manufacturing, and upstream supply. Securing the necessary level of ambition – a minimum 45% goal – sets the pathway to a resilient, green, economy, for the benefit of all Europeans.


The studies are crystal-clear: 45% renewable energy in our energy mix by 2030 – or higher – is the most cost-effective path to achieve 2050 climate neutrality. A 40% target, as currently endorsed by the Council of the European Union, will only delay the energy transition,
prolong our dependence on fossil energy imports, and fuel further inflation.

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