launches 'Cooperatives as Partners for Accelerated Sustainable Development' Campaign on World Cooperative Day

Brussels, June 27 2023 — In the face of diverse global crises and growing demands for sustainable development, together with Cooperatives Europe, and its sector organisations, today announced its campaign titled "Cooperatives as Partners for Accelerated Sustainable Development". The campaign aims to increase awareness about the integral role cooperatives play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and driving the European Union's transition pathways.

Drawing upon the resilient nature of cooperatives and their enduring impact across various sectors, the campaign seeks to emphasise their pivotal role to economic, social, and environmental sustainability across various sectors and regions. By amplifying the values of mutual aid, democracy, collaboration, and equality this initiative intends to demonstrate how cooperatives represent innovative solutions for sustainable development and a better world.

"Through this campaign, we aspire to underscore why cooperatives are indispensable to our vision of a sustainable, equitable future. Achieving the twin transition will mean we need a profound shift in our thinking and business approaches. Cooperatives emerge as game-changers, providing a democratic model that's in sync with this evolving landscape.” said Director Agnes Mathis of Cooperatives Europe.

The campaign is based on a series of short videos highlighting cooperatives' contributions towards accelerated sustainable development in communities around Europe. These videos will be made available on the Cooperatives Europe Youtube channel on July 1. They encompass a broad spectrum of cooperatives, from agriculture and housing to platforms, industrial, energy, retail, and finance sectors, demonstrating their positive impact and sustainability-driven practices.

For more information about the campaign or to learn how you can be a part of the cooperative movement, visit this page or follow the campaign's progress on social media using the hashtags #coops4sdgs.