Europe’s energy transition: active energy citizens take ownership

4th of March, Brussels, Belgium – Today,, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives, launches its Manifesto for the EU elections: “Europe’s energy transition: active energy citizens take ownership”. This manifesto articulates the vision of - and its members representing energy communities - for Europe and aims to highlight the intricate link between the democratic right of citizens to vote and decide for their future and energy democracy. The manifesto is a pivotal element of a broader campaign leading up to the European Elections in June.

The Manifesto is released in conjunction with Manifesto’s from Cooperatives Europe and several sector-specific cooperative organizations. Cooperatives in Europe play a pivotal role, offering employment opportunities to nearly 5.4 million individuals, spanning various sectors from industry to services, healthcare to housing, agriculture to banking, and energy to culture. Their integral contribution to the economy and communities cannot be overlooked, positioning cooperatives as key players in the construction of the European Union.

Within the energy sector, energy communities have demonstrated their efficacy as vehicles for sustainable development and prosperity. They invest in producing, sharing, supplying, and distributing electricity, heating, and cooling from renewable energy sources. Additionally, they support their members in engaging with energy efficiency, citizen-led renovations, alleviating energy poverty, promoting flexibility, and embracing shared e-mobility. The potential of community energy is enormous: by 2050, around 45 % of renewable energy production in the EU could come from citizens.

Despite the recognition and support for energy communities in EU legislation, including the Clean Energy Package, Fit for 55, and REPowerEU, Member States have been sluggish in developing and implementing concrete on-the-ground policies and measures. Ongoing efforts are imperative to fully unlock the meaningful role of active energy citizens in addressing climate change.

To catalyze policymakers at both the EU and national levels to unlock the full potential of energy communities to contribute to the EU's energy security and transition, has formulated ten policy priorities. As Europe gears up for the upcoming elections, invites candidates, political parties, and policymakers to actively engage with in realizing these priorities.

Dirk Vansintjan, president of, emphasizes: “We call on candidates of the European Parliament elections to endorse our Manifesto and become energy community supporters.” Continuing, Vansintjan says: “It's important to understand that in order for the energy transition to succeed, citizens should be placed at the center of that transition.”

About currently represents over 2250 energy cooperatives and 1,500,000 European citizens, demonstrating that Europe's citizens are ready to "take energy into their own hands". These millions of European citizens, organised in thousands of cooperatives are proposing solutions from below and driving a movement that is sweeping across Europe, from the Czech Republic to Sweden and from France to Bulgaria, showing how the energy transition can - in fact - be green and fair for all!

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