From April 23rd to 25th, the European Citizen Energy Conference will be held in Frankfurt with energy cooperatives and experts from all over Europe visiting. Emovia, an organization from the Netherlands that creates awareness for electric cars and car-sharing, has got a smart idea! Visit this conference by electric car! That’s why on April 22nd the International E-Car Rally is being organized.

Teams can start from any place in Europe. They will be followed with a tracking app ( on their journey to Frankfurt. The teams will arrive on April 22th at 6pm in Frankfurt.

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Why is this rally taking place?

Tonnie Tekelenburg, chairman of emovia, explains:

"People who visit this conference should do it in a sustainable way: by train or electric car. As we want to create more attention for car sharing, we encourage people to undertake this journey with an electric car, either individually or shared. It is a perfect showcase for the possibility of electric driving."

There are still people who believe that driving long distances with an electric car is not possible or at best a severe headache, but emovia is aiming to prove this as a simple myth and demonstrate that conference-goers from all over Europe can meet up and discuss the ideas of the energy transition without costing the Earth.

Tonnie continues: "We are a foundation in close relation with cooperatives like LochemEnergie and Mobiliteit Samen. That means that we want to work together. Together we create positive energy and inspiring experiences. The rally teams create blogs, videos and posts. The experiences and stories of all teams will be bundled."

The Organisation

The International E-Car Rally is an initiative from emovia, based in the Netherlands with experience in providing people with the latest information surrounding electric vehicles and working with organisations and municipalities who share the same goals.

For more information on how you can get involved in the rally click here.

To sign up for the European Citizen Energy Conference click here.

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