According to a recent survey by the European Commission (Eurobarometer), 88% of EU citizens believe that support should be provided to improve Energy Savings by 2030. Increasing Energy Savings will benefit the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy security, cut energy costs and improve general living conditions.

Research has proven that there is a huge potential for energy savings, especially when citizens become green energy cooperative members.

The European Project, REScoop Plus gathered, analyzed, streamlined and replicated different experiences of REScoops (also known as ‘renewable’ or ‘local’ energy communities). As a result of this process, today, the team of REScoop PLUS is proud to launch the REScoop PLUS Toolbox, which includes an overview of best practices identified, validated and scored within the scope of the project. The Toolbox includes a description of the mechanism behind each of these best practices, the contact details of an expert involved and a rating based on implementation criteria. This rating is crucial to help cooperatives choose the most relevant best practices for their local circumstances.

On top of the toolbox, REScoop PLUS launches the REScoop Energy Efficiency Website. This platform will collect a broad set of actions undertaken by REScoops on Energy Efficiency and Energy Solidarity and promote the Best Practices in the European network. It will also be possible to consult the REScoop PLUS Toolbox on the REScoop Energy Efficiency Website.

The tools will be continuously improved and updated by the team of REScoop PLUS. Supported by, these tools will lay the foundation for implementing more energy efficiency in REScoops in Europe in an integrated way.

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About REScoop Plus

The objective of REScoop Plus is to develop energy savings as a new activity for European REScoops. Together with a large number of successful cooperative energy suppliers, the project will measure overall energy savings of their members and identify the European best practices. The findings will be disseminated throughout the network of European REScoops and among policy makers.

About is the European federation of renewable energy cooperatives. We are a growing network of 1,250 European energy cooperatives and the 650,000 citizens who are active in the energy transition. empowers citizens and cooperatives in their fight for energy democracy.

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