REC/CEC definitions

Overall assesment

The transposition legislation for the Electricity Directive simply copies and pastes the directive itself. As such, the EU level CEC definition serves as the de facto definition of CECs in Romania. This provides very little legal clarity and will require further precision in order to be able to be usable by stakeholders.

Detailed assesment

Criteria of EU definition reflected in national definition

Yes, technically.

Level of detail in the elaboration of principles contained in EU criteria

No – copy-paste of the directive creates a lack of legal clarity.

Clearly defined purpose

No – copy-paste of the directive.

ICA cooperative governance principles reflected

Yes, to the extent that the CEC definition includes principles of openness and a non-commercial purpose.

Legal entities allowed


Citizen participation is ensured


Designated authority to oversee

No, although due to the copy-paste of the Electricity Directive the national energy regulator has a duty to oversee the development of CECs.

Number of definitions


Coherency between both definitions