In this position paper, presents recommendations for amending the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) so that it properly acknowledges and supports energy communities in energy efficiency and building renovation.

The EPBD and the related national long-term renovation strategies (LTRS) are crucial instruments in achieving the goals of the Renovation Wave and a Climate Neutral Europe by 2050. A sustainable transformation of the EU’s building stock means that 195 million households need to be sustainably renovated and decarbonised.

To make this a success, citizens and communities need to be able to participate in home renovation policies and programs, and be actively engaged and supported by their local and national authorities in doing this. Citizen-led renovation initiatives by energy communities have a huge potential in both helping increase renovation rates, and in linking energy efficiency and renewable energy policy.

Building on the supportive framework created for energy communities in the Clean Energy Package, the revised EPBD can support the role that citizen-led renovation can play towards creating a more just and inclusive energy transition. This is a unique opportunity to embark on a positive mission with Europe’s citizens to make their homes warmer, healthier, safer, and more sustainable.