This is a game that simulates the development of an energy cooperative and its major decisions. It is suitable for 20 to 100 participants and uses the software “powervote”. Anybody who is interested can participate. It helps users to gain an understanding about the barriers and opportunities for developing a local energy cooperative.
  • During two hours, the attendees will create a virtual local renewable energy project (an ECCO).
  • Local participants share their expertise and knowledge with attendees which have to make decisions on different key-aspects of the project.
  • The session simulates an interactive meeting where each attendee is playing a citizen actor involved in a local project of Renewable Energy production.
  • Attendees will vote (with the joystick “PowerVote”) every time the simulated cooperative makes a decision to bring the project to the next step.
  • The session needs to be adapted to the conditions of already existing cooperatives.
  • "Software and Joystick “power votes” (Quantity : 30 to 100) from ,
  • room, seats, projector,
  • one facilitator and at least three participants (from local project or from politician community or local energy cooperative)."
Énergies citoyennes en Pays de Vilaine