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Citizen-led renovation report

Buildings have a critical role to play in fighting climate change, being responsible for 36% of GHG emissions in Europe. Renovating these buildings to redu

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Community power coalition statement front

Community Power Coalition: vision statement

REScoop.eu is one of the main drivers of the Community Energy Coalition, a diverse network of like-minded organisations who share a common goal of promotin

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The REScoop municipality approach

This report explains how energy cooperatives can successfully collaborate with local authorities including cities and municipalities. The report describes different forms of collaborations and features case studies.

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Local Energy Communities: a way to bring ‘all Europeans’ along in the energy transition

Regardless of income or home ownership, all citizens should be able to benefit from participating in the energy transition. The ability to invest in energy efficiency or ownership of renewables should not be limited to well off households with enough disposable income. It is indeed vulnerable consumers and consumers experiencing energy poverty that can benefit most from being able to participate. In a number of EU Member States, REScoops (also known as ‘renewable’ or ‘local’ energy communities) already pursue social aims, such as fighting against energy poverty. If supported by EU law and policy, REScoops can further empower vulnerable and low-income households across the EU to be able to share in the benefits of the energy transition.

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