is the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives. Its members are now recognised as ‘citizens energy communities’ (CECs) and ‘renewable energy communities’ (RECs) by the Clean Energy for All Europeans (CEP) Package. currently represent around 1,500 of these energy communities across 13 different Member States. These energy communities operate across the energy system, from generation and supply of renewable energy to performance of energy efficiency services, heat and electricity distribution, electric mobility, demand response, and other activities involving flexibility. Almost all of the members are small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

We would like to respond to the Commission’s proposed Regulation on the Union Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism (Financing Mechanism). In particular, we would like to highlight this proposed Regulation’s blind spot with regard to support of RECs. We would also like to propose specific changes so that this Regulation is in line with the CEP’s commitment to set a supportive European legislative framework to support citizen and community ownership of renewables production.