The Electricity Market Design (EMD) reform proposed by the EU Commission (Commission) represents a pivotal opportunity to clarify and improve upon the new concepts that originated in the Clean Energy Package, particularly energy sharing, and to make the internal energy market (IEM) more accessible to the EU’s citizens. However, significant questions remain about whether the resulting EMD will prioritise the right approach towards building the foundations of decentralised energy markets, and ensuring consistency with the EU’s original vision of putting citizens at the core of the energy system where they can take ownership of the energy transition.

The EMD needs to clarify and improve the EU rules by which active customers and energy communities are able to operate in specific segments of the IEM, including production, retail supply and energy sharing.

In this position paper, outlines key recommendations for the Trilogues on the Electricity Market Design in order to deliver a more democratic energy market based on the EU legal principle of equal treatment.