With the energy grid moving from a centralized to a decentralized system, energy communities will play an important role for implementing change in current operative business models. Through OneNET, we are liaising with 69 partners (mainly DSOs and TSOs) to explore how cooperatives can support the implementation of a decentralised energy system.

Horizon 2020 – Grant Agreement No. 957739.



STEPS aims to strengthen the competitiveness of North-West European SMEs working on innovative storage solutions. The project will deploy a user-centric, demand-driven approach that bring products closer to market. will contribute our experience from FLEXcoop, cVPP and REScoop VPP to show how cooperatives can implement storage solutions.

Interreg NWE – Grant Agreement No. 1102.


Agro Fossil Free

Agro Fossil Free will show how farmers and the agricultural sector can benefit from innovative business models that help mitigate climate change and decarbonise our economies whilst keeping value in the local communities. will support the mapping of relevant actors and stakeholders, the overall communications and the policy work at the EU level.

Horizon 2020 – Grant Agreement No. 957739.


Clean Energy For EU Islands

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat is an initiative on behalf of the European Commission to help islands drive a community-owned clean energy transition. The Secretariat provides technical support, capacity-building services and networking opportunities to EU islands.

Service contract with the European Commission (DG ENER).


Citizen-Led Renovation (I)

In close collaboration with Stefan Scheuer Consulting and the Coalition for Energy Savings, we set up a policy working group on energy efficiency and citizen led renovation, and provided advocacy expertise for feeding into the European policy debate on the topic.

European Climate Foundation – Grant Agreement No. 1910-59754.



FLEXCoop provides energy cooperatives with innovative tools to operate dynamic Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in order to achieve a stable and balanced energy grid. As part of the project, we developed a tool-suite for energy cooperatives working on demand-response. is in charge of the overall communication of the project and successfully set up a working group on flexibility within the association.

Grant Agreement No. 773909.



WiseGRID provided a set of solutions and technologies to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open and consumer-centred European energy grid. The project combined and enhanced the use of storage technologies, supported RES penetration and the integration of charging infrastructure to favour the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles.

Horizon 2020 – Grant Agreement No. 731205.



REScoop Plus supported energy cooperatives in setting up and building out energy efficiency services, providing good practices on energy savings and how cooperatives can help their members to save energy.

Horizon 2020 - Grant Agreement No. 696084



In REScoop MECISE, six energy cooperatives from 4 EU countries developed renewable energy and energy efficiency projects worth 110 million euro. We also set up innovative approaches to facilitate community energy projects and foster collaborations between cooperatives, local authorities and citizens, and set up REScoop MECISE SCE, a cooperative society that aims to provide financing solutions to members. was responsible for the overall project communication and dissemination, monitoring the investment portfolio, and developing the financing instrument.

Horizon 2020 - Grant Agreement No. 649767



CITYnvest focused on supporting and replicating successful innovative financing models for energy retrofits in public buildings. The consortium developed finance models based on energy performance contracting, third party financing, revolving funds and cooperatives. provided two in-depth case studies of how cooperatives can team up with local authorities to finance energy efficiency measures in public buildings.

Horizon 2020 - Grant Agreement No. 649730


PV financing

This project analysed and developed innovative financing schemes for solar PV projects. provided information on the cooperative business model, and supported the development of recommendations for an improved legal framework at the national and the EU level.

Grant Agreement No. 646554


REScoop 20-20-20

The project REScoop 20-20-20 (Intelligent Energy Europe) supported the start-up of 12 new energy cooperatives by means of a toolbox for starters and a network of mentors. The project resulted in the creation of the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives,

Intelligent Energy Europe - Contract number IEE/11/930