SCCALE 203050 is the project coordinator of SCCALE 203050, a Horizon 2020 project that aims to develop a set of tools, resources and coaching techniques to support the set-up and operation of energy communities. The project aims to strengthen the collaboration between energy cooperatives and local authorities including cities and municipalities.


A growing number of energy cooperatives are trying to alleviate energy poverty, bringing forward innovative schemes and business models. CEES aims to identify the existing best practices and wants to build a narrative around this important challenge. is in charge of communication and EU policy work.


Seizing the opportunity of the new definitions in the Clean Energy Package, LetsGo4Climate aims at elaborating functional methodologies to involve citizens into Citizen Energy Communities with the active involvement of local authorities.

Under the leadership of the region Centre-Val-de-Loire, this project involves a complete set of actors from the energy system aiming at fostering public engagement. will work together with its member Energie Partagée to develop an engagement methodology and to bridge the project with other EU initiatives and cooperatives.