WISE Power

WISE Power project worked on improving local support for wind turbines, and local community participation in the planning of wind energy projects.


Energy Communities - Support on Definitions

In this project, we support members in 7 EU Member States (France, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands) with the transposition of the Clean Energy Package, particularly when it comes to implementing good definitions for energy communities and providing enabling frameworks.

European Climate Foundation – Grant Agreement No. 2002-60158.


Seizing the opportunity of the new definitions in the Clean Energy Package, LetsGo4Climate aims at elaborating functional methodologies to involve citizens into Citizen Energy Communities with the active involvement of local authorities.

Under the leadership of the region Centre-Val-de-Loire, this project involves a complete set of actors from the energy system aiming at fostering public engagement. REScoop.eu will work together with its member Energie Partagée to develop an engagement methodology and to bridge the project with other EU initiatives and cooperatives.