Overall assessment

The Slovak REPowerEU chapters do not refer to any direct support for the development of renewable energy communities (RECs). RECs are only supported indirectly, through the enhanced enabling conditions that are expected to facilitate their access to the electricity market.

Reforms and investments related to the support for better integration of RES (indirectly RECs) are mainly included in the thematic area ‘Energy and permitting processes’. The reforms aim at
simplifying and accelerating the administrative and permitting processes related to the deployment of renewable energy sources (in particular wind and geothermal energy), and at increasing competences and administrative capacities.

A partial measure ‘Integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid’ includes:
- a study assessing available capacity for the connection of RES to the grid with annual updates;
- links to the NECP revision process and its targets;
- a methodological guidance setting out uniform rules and procedures (by December 2024)
related to capacity reservation for the connection of RES installations to the electricity grid
applicable to all regional distribution system operators;
- Other improvements in 2025, if necessary.

The main investment in this area concerns the ‘Modernisation and digitalisation of electricity
transmission and regional distribution systems’ (new allocation of 133 M EUR, approx. 33 per cent of the total amount allocated to REPowerEU chapter ). This investment also supports the creation of an Energy Data Centre which will facilitate the entry of new actors (e.g. RECs) in the electricity market and will provide data about aggregation, storage, and electricity sharing for invoicing the electricity within the community and with energy suppliers.

Moreover, it aims to support the transformation of the transmission system/regional distribution system, modernisation of at least 225 km transmission lines, and investments in regional distribution systems to create additional technical capacity for at least 250 MW of RES capacity.