We are looking to promote stories from your community!

If your cooperative is a member of REScoop.eu, or you are a member of a federation that is affiliated with us, then we are looking to hear from you. Whether you have just completed a successful round of crowdfunding, recently worked with your municipality, come up with a innovative idea with your members, or you just want to give us some background about how you were founded then please get in touch.

We would like to share these stories on our blog and social media to raise awareness of your community energy projects and to engage new people in the ideas of the community-led energy transition. This also gives us an opportunity to have a more closer understanding of the movement all across Europe and to help exchange information between members.

Some of our members are large enough to run their own blogs and attract press from all over the globe but they all started small and looking for a way to get their voices heard. Luckily, this does not have to be the case for our smaller members who are just as valuable to the citizen-led energy transition.

So reach out and tell us, members, and citizens everywhere about your achievements!

In order to make the process easier we have set up a guide to follow:

Story Guide

Once you have followed our guide, and ticked everything off the checklist, send your story to info@rescoop.eu