Overall assessment

Funds for energy communities are included in 4 out of 7 Portuguese regional Operational Programmes (OPs): Centro Regional Programme, Alentejo Regional Programme, Norte Regional Programme and Algarve Regional Programme.

Detailed assessment

General: allocation, definition, transposition

Specific allocation for energy communities

Energy communities are included as a separate target within various Operational Programmes. However, in the majority of cases financing comes from broader RES and energy efficiency budget lines.

Definition of energy communities in line with EU legislation

Within the Portuguese Operational Programmes the definition of energy communities is based on the law Decreto-Lei n.º 162/2019, which is not fully aligned with the EU Directives.

Proportionality of share of total fund allocated to energy communities

This information is still unclear, as the budget dedicated to energy communities is part of broader budget lines (i.e. impossible to assess total amounts at this stage).

Availability of tailored financing tools

This information is not available yet, however the majority of finance is expected to be provided in the form of grants.

Link to a wider scope of activities and objectives

Link between energy communities, building renovation and energy efficiency

The funds allocated to energy communities will various community-led activities, including energy efficiency and housing renovation measures.

Recognition of energy communities under multiple objectives

Despite differences in level of detail, energy communities within the Portuguese Operational Programmes are recognised under multiple objectives.

Transparency and inclusiveness

Holistic strategy to provide financing across different levels of project development

This information is not available yet.

Transparency of the design and communication of the schemes and measures

This information is not available yet.

Selection criteria and the prioritisation of various social components

This information is not available yet.

Decentralised tender process

The funding programs for energy communities under the Portuguese Operational Programmes are decentralised.

Existence of procedures to facilitate the participation of energy communities in open calls

This information is not available yet.

Stability and predictability of the programme through time

Too early to assess, but the financing of energy communities is connected to the targets of the National Reform Programme of 2022 which sets a targets of 35MW of additional capacity via self-consumption (private prosumers) and energy communities by 2025. Due to the consistency and link between different Government programmes, some level of stability and predictability is expected.