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2008 - 2012

The first steps


Collaboration between Ecopower and Enercoop

The French renewable energy supplier Enercoop needed a bank guarantee to be able to buy a package of green electricity from the state monopolist EDF. Contacts with other European REScoops were established with the help of Cooperatives Europe and the green fraction of the European parliament. This resulted in a first cross border cooperation between two REScoops: Ecopower (Belgium) and Enercoop (France): the bank guarantee was created.

28 April 2009

First meeting between European Cooperatives

For the first time, a small group of European renewable energy cooperatives gather in an event at the European parliament, hosted by the Green fraction.

17 & 18 March 2011

Unofficial establishment of

Another meeting between European cooperatives takes place in Brussels, at the premises of Greenpeace Belgium. At this event, representatives from several European cooperatives, including Ecopower from Belgium, De Windvogel from the Netherlands, Enercoop from France, and Som Energia from Spain, agreed to collaborate and join forces in the future.

Press release

Start of the REScoop 20-20-20 project

The newly founded federation achieves its first major success by winning a project call called REScoop 20-20-20, which was supported by the European Commission's Intelligent Energy Europe Program. The project brings together 12 organizations from seven countries (Belgium, Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands) to collaborate on the development of new citizen-led renewable energy projects throughout Europe.

2013 - 2023

26 August 2013

Official foundation

Ecopower (Belgium), De Windvogel (Netherlands), Enercoop (France), and Som Energia (Spain) officially found On August 26, 2013, the General Assembly approved the legal statutes of, which were later published in the official Belgian State Journal on December 24, 2013.'s first statutes

Memorandum European elections

In anticipation of the 2014 European Parliament elections, publishes a manifesto advocating for a cooperative and decentralised approach to the energy transition. During the corresponding campaign, successfully recruits many parliamentary candidates to become 'Cooperative supporters'. This effort is recognized as one of the first significant advocacy initiatives undertaken by the federation. manifesto
25 June 2015 radical innovator of the year wins the public vote of the Belgian 'Radical Innovators' contest, marking an important milestone in gaining greater public visibility.

October 2015

COP 21

In partnership with its French member Enercoop, organises a successful side-event titled "Citizen Involvement in Climate Change Challenges" at the Climate Conference in Paris. The event features a keynote speech from Ségolène Royal, the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy.


REScoop 202020 project comes to an end

Upon completion of the REScoop 202020 project, releases its first 'blue' booklet titled 'The Energy Transition to Energy Democracy,' as well as a video of the same title.

The energy transition to energy democracy
Screenshot 2023 04 20 at 10 10 21
30 November 2016

Commission publishes Energy Winter Package

The European Commission launches with the publication of the so called ‘Winter Package’ the revision of the energy directives, putting the citizens in the centre of the energy transition. An image of the cooperatively owned off-shore wind turbines near the harbour of Copenhagen is used in all the presentations and publications of the Commission


CE Delft study

In 2016, co-funds a study by CE Delft about the potential of citizen energy in the European Union. This turned out to be substantial. Half of all European Union citizens could be producing their own electricity by 2050, meeting 45% of the EU’s energy demand, about 37% of which could come through involvement in a renewable energy cooperative (REScoop).

Huge potential for energy cooperatives
17 January 2017

MECISE event in Eupen

To endorse the further engagement of local actors, organises an interregional conference in Eupen, at the border of 5 European regions: Euregio Meuse-Rhine. The event takes place in the context of the MECISE project - Mobilising European citizens to invest in sustainable energy.

MECISE website
11 October & 28 December 2018

Foundation of two new European Cooperatives

As a result of intensive collaboration with members around the topic of mobility at one hand and the topic of financing at the other, officially founds two new European Cooperative Societies. REScoop MECISE aims to support small community energy projects by helping them access financing tools typically reserved for larger projects. The second cooperative, The Mobility Factory, is a network for sustainable mobility that enables REScoops to become co-owners of a shared IT platform for e-carsharing.

The Mobility Factory
23 May 2019

Adoption clean energy package

The EU comes to an agreement over the revision of a number of energy directives. The agreement on this new energy rulebook – now called the Clean Energy for all Europeans Package – marks a significant step towards implementing the Energy Union Strategy, published in 2015, and the Winter package published in 2016. When transposed and implemented in all EU Member States it offers, for example, the existing energy cooperatives not one, but 2 definitions and prescribes that every member state must have an enabling framework for emerging ones.

Press release
31 May 2019

Revision of the Charter

During the Annual General Meeting of in Zagreb, members agree upon the revised Charter. The Charter, that includes the definition, the values and the principles of the International Cooperative Alliance, shows what we, citizen energy cooperatives have in common.

The charter
April 2020

New visual identity launches a new visual identity featuring a new logo and a new website. The new logo, in line with the brand has built over the past years, represents another step towards professionalising the federation.

A fresh wind blowing in
December 2020 gets new offices

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, relocates to a larger office in Brussels, Mundo Madou to accommodate its expanding team.

20 April 2021

Premiere 'We the Power'

During the online AGM, launches the ‘We the Power’ - a film resulting from an intensive partnership with Patagonia. 'We The Power' spotlights the growing community energy movement across Europe. It aims to demonstrate the advantages to people and the planet that the clean energy transformation could bring. The 30-minute video features the stories of community energy pioneers from all over Europe.

We the power tumbnail
21-23 June 2021

First service finally gets back in the field after more than 1,5 years of being confined to our homes – and for an exciting mission: Training 26 Local Action Group leaders in the Czech Republic on the topic of community energy! Our first service contract. services
September 2022

Launch of the Community Energy Platform launches the Community Energy Platform to bring community energy resources and tools together in one single place. This new website aims to provide citizens with all support they need to move forward with their energy community projects

The Community Energy Platform
28 - 30 June 2022

1st Summer School in Thessaloniki organises its first Summer School as part of the EUCENA project. This three-day event brings together experts, pioneers and interested citizens to foster networking and cross-border exchange of ideas, tools, knowledge, and good practices. The aim of the Summer School is to strengthen the citizen energy movement in the Balkan region.

Citizen energy Summer School
October 2022

Member number 100 reaches a milestone by having 100 members in its network. These members include renewable energy cooperatives, national federations of energy cooperatives and community energy groups that share the vision of a sustainable and democratic energy system in Europe. All together, the network represents over one million citizens that drive the energy transition towards a cleaner and more democratic future.

Our members
March 2023

Community energy guide in 11 languages

Community energy is key to action on the climate crisis, boosting local economies, and reinvigorating communities. But how to make it happen? In 2020 a handbook (in English) from Friends of the Earth,, Energy Cities was published to walk people through it, step by step. In 2023, the 9th and 10th translation is out in Croatian and Hungarian.

Community Energy Guide
8-10 May 2023

Community energy Spring Gathering & AGM in Athens hosts the second community energy school in Greece, along with its first in-person General Assembly since 2019. The event has seen an overwhelming response from the community, with over 300 applications received in less than two weeks. Around 150 participants from the Balkans and Eastern Europe attend the school in Athens, showcasing the strong interest and determination of people in the region to drive the movement for energy democracy.

Community Energy Spring Gathering
Spring gathering thumbnail
26 August 2023

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