Overall assessment

10 out of the 19 Spanish regional Operational Programmes include either the establishment of dedicated funding instruments targeting directly energy communities, or the provision of financial support for energy communities (among other investments) via broader financial instruments for the roll-out of Renewable Energy Systems.

Detailed assessment

General: allocation, definition, transposition

Specific allocation for energy communities

In some programmes, energy communities are targeted through specific dedicated budget lines, while in others as part of broader financial instruments.

Definition of energy communities in line with EU legislation

The financing criteria will be determined through the recent proposal of transposition of EU Directive 2019/944 (Proyecto de real decreto por el que se desarrollan las figuras de las comunidades de energías renovables y las comunidades ciudadanas de energía) which has not been approved yet. Until then, the applicable definition of renewable energy communities is another Spanish legal instrument (Real Decreto-ley 23/2020), which essentially is a mirroring of EU Directives, and therefore respects a) open and voluntary participation for all categories of entities in energy communities, b) effective control by citizens, local authorities and smaller businesses, c) the purpose of generating social and environmental benefit.

Proportionality of share of total fund allocated to energy communities

This information is not available yet.

Availability of tailored financing tools

The majority of funds will be provided only in the form of grants. There are no additional financing tools available that fit different situations (loans, guarantees, blended finance).

Link to a wider scope of activities and objectives

Link between energy communities, building renovation and energy efficiency

Energy community projects that are eligible for funding also include energy efficiency and savings, as well as citizen led renovation.

Recognition of energy communities under multiple objectives

Energy communities are recognised under multiple objectives under the Spanish Operational Programmes.

Transparency and inclusiveness

Holistic strategy to provide financing across different levels of project development

This information is not available yet.

Transparency of the design and communication of the schemes and measures

This information is not yet available.

Selection criteria and the prioritisation of various social components

The majority of operational programmes with dedicated funding for energy communities explicitly mention the targeting of energy poor households as part of a just transition strategy.

Decentralised tender process

The programmes will be managed in a decentralised manner.

Existence of procedures to facilitate the participation of energy communities in open calls

This information is not available yet.

Stability and predictability of the programme through time

The process is too recent to draw definitive conclusions as tenders haven't yet been issued.